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FOX News
Aug 31, 2013 7:00am PDT
our -- pay our executives an astronomical amount of money, we'll have clout in washington to get our ways. unions are not helping these workers. >> mark, do you buy that, this is all about union membership? >> of course not. if there are no -- if mcdonald's has zero people working for them, how is that going to help the unions? unions get their strength through numbers. and so what the unions want to do ultimately is increase their roles member rolls in the future because it amplifies their voice. at the end of the day the entire mandate of unions is strengthen the position of workers who could be getting exploited by companies. anybody making less than $8 is being exploited by companies when their profit margins are what they are. unions are trying to increase their members, absolutely. $15 an hour, that's not necessarily a realistic expectation on their part but it's a negotiating position. your other guests will understand what a preliminary negotiating position means in the debate. >> john layfield you talk about profit margins, not just talking about mcdonald's, mom and pops don
FOX News
Aug 24, 2013 7:00am PDT
in washington state. police in spokane looking for this 16-year-old suspect. his accomplice is now charged with first-degree murder and robbery. police say the two teens attacked 88-year-old delbert dealton in his car at random outside in eagle's lodge wednesday night while waiting for a friend. that's a look at the news. now back to "bulls & bears." >>> as the chaos in egypt continues, america may be pulling foreign aid. now saudis are claiming to pull a fast one. if this isn't proof we need to get off mideast oil, he doesn't know what is, right? >> absolutely, brenda. i think we're actually closer, if we make a concerted effort to be energy independent even than i previously thought n 2005, net imports of all energy, about 30%, in this past year alone, it's already down to 18%. it's projected to be 9%. but in 2040. if we make a real effort, you know that all of the above fracking and oil and throw-in that silly green stuff, i think we can have the next internet age as far as industrial production. we can be energy free. and we can have a much safer america. >> do you think this is import
FOX Business
Aug 18, 2013 1:00am EDT
paycheck to paycheck. of course, the idiocy coming out of washington by default and about downgrade and about government shutdown, that doesn't help the economy any either. >> well, gary, bottom line, taxes, do they help or hurt the economy? >> well, they always hurt the economy. up, going back to the point that steve made, let's stipulate that he's right. the big difference then in the '90s the government spent a lot less as a percent of gdp. when you raise taxes you're taking it from an efficient source, the market, the consumer, and giving it, by definition, an inefficient source of spending, the government. go through their zillion programs they run, cost overruns, the government spends less efficiently than we do. here's the statistic everyone should know. since the recession arted, median household income is down almost 10%. and even with all the stimulus it hasn't budged at all. unemployment has come down but median household income has flat lined at an historic low level. that's the reason can you take -- you can look at the increase in taxes, obama care, red tape, all that.
FOX Business
Aug 25, 2013 1:00am EDT
efficient. we could be faster than people think. if the regulations coming out of washington are preventing this. >> david, what do you think? should we be less dependent on mideast oil given all that's happening over there? >> well, i think as gary pointed out earlier, we are rducing our dependence with regard to energy. and we should continue along that course of action and continue to reduce the dependence. however, i think it's a larger issue when it comes to egypt. and with regard to saudi, you know, they're not the onlial ally tha -- onlial yi supporting the military government. you have israel continuing aid to the government. on the other hand, you have the turks and qatar working with the brotherhood. we have to work with allies on both sides so we can deescalate this conflict and bring stability back so we don't have higher oil prices and the like that will create an impact on our economy. >> well, john, we thought the saudis were an ally, too. and no they're go directly against us. do you think that's a reason we should try to get this stuff from mideast oil? >> yes, absolutely.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)